About this site...

This Web site was last updated on March 5, 2004. We will keep it updated as much as funds and time permit.

On September 3, 2003, we began republishing and updating the site for full public access (there are still portions of the site accessible only to adopters of HorseAid equines, SafeHouse/SafeHaven caregivers, and volunteers).

The entire site (except for the opening pages) was hidden on our servers for the past three years and made private to avoid volunteer and adopter harassment by a handful of Web malcontents who were never associated in any way with our organization. The full Web site has always been available to anyone associated with the IGHA or HorseAid.

Since we only publish information that we have personally researched and verified (by on-site visits and multi-channel records gathering), it has not been financially possible at the present time for us to offer the public an accurate site update about the current state of the U.S. slaughter industry or horse abuse case incidents world-wide. With your help, we hope to rectify this in the coming months.

Our HorseAid funding was supplied entirely by HorseAid founders Enzo Giobbé and Staci Wilson. In late 1999, the IGHA board voted to curtail many of the expensive programs the IGHA supported financially, and Mr. Giobbé and Ms. Wilson decided to concentrate more time on their respective professional careers and channel their resources into those careers. Remember, we have never solicited "outside" funds for our extensive equine beneficence programs or PMU research.

IGHA/HorseAid was the first organization to report and publish facts on the abuse of horses used in the production of PMU and question the long term health risks that women faced in its use (our research began in 1986, long before there was a public Web or Internet).

First to have an owner donation and adoption placement program.

First to keep a life-long contractual controlling interest in the equines we placed (from both donated and rescue sources).

We were also the first organization to challenge the BLM on their management of the horses entrusted to them, and the first to denounce the USDA's proposed "Safe Transport Guidelines", take that fight to Congress, and then effectively stall it in committee.

We invented the equine "No Kill" brand and microchip, and the entire "No Kill" concept (as it relates to equines).

We also invented the "SafeHouse" and "SafeHaven" system of housing rescued equines, and the donation and adoption contracts that remain in effect throughout their lives.

And of course, in 1994, we initiated the anti-slaughter "Purple Ribbon Campaign" to raise awareness about the horrible and inhumane horse slaughter trade in an effort to "End All Horse Slaughter NOW!"

HorseAid's equine abuse and PMU/Premarin® exposé's have been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and local channel TV outlets as well as the national TV shows, "Hard Copy", "20/20", "Primetime", and "Dateline NBC".

Depending on general public interest and the availability of funds, we may resume our equine abuse and slaughter research in 2004. We may also try (for the very first time) soliciting funds via a PayPal donation link on this site to help fund that research and fact gathering.