Q: What is a Generic Horse?

Beloved Pet Pony  Pedigreed Paso Fino

Is It This Pet Pony? Or Is It This Pedigreed Paso Fino?


Any horse from a racing Thoroughbred (First Finance, California Stakes winner, registered with JC, CTBA, and IGHA #6E000050), to a non-pedigreed pleasure pony (Smokey Jett Jr., IGHA #5A000001) can be registered with the IGHA, but generally a "generic" horse or pony is a previously unregisterable mixed or cross breed of unknown lineage, mixed parentage, unregistered sire/dam, or the get or produce of non-approved out crosses. We, however, use the term "generic" within our registration rules to denote all breeds and types.

Have you tried to register your horse or pony with a breed or "blood" registry only to discover that is it much too difficult, or even impossible? (or just too expensive!) That your horse or pony doesn't have "this" colour or "those" markings, or doesn't have the "right" sire or dam, or has what "they" consider to be aesthetic or conformational faults? (or just don't offer the services you require?) Then look no further, the I.G.H.A. is the first world-wide registry designed for all horses and ponies without any discrimination due to type or breed, lineage, colour or markings, age, or conformational faults.

We know that your horse or pony, whether a purebred show horse or a "generic" pleasure horse is something to be proud of, so we founded a very unique association just for horse and pony lovers like you - the owners of some very special animals! The basic requirements for IGHA registration are simple: Any horse or pony is eligible (even those registered with other organizations), that the horse or pony being registered is not deceased, and that the applicant has not been convicted of any statute involving any form of equine abuse. So, not only can you register your crossbred, you can also double register your purebred!

The IGHA Registered mare, "Diva"

"The Glorious Grade Horse"
Horse Illustrated's showcase article on the I.G.H.A.
featured the I.G.H.A. registered mare "Diva" on its cover.

Remember, when you register your horse or pony with the IGHA, you do several important and positive things:

  •  You have proof that the animal belongs to you (the IGHA registration certificate). If the horse or pony should ever be stolen, the IGHA will furnish (with your approval) any investigative agency working to find your animal, a certified copy of the registration papers, plus a detailed description of your equine. We will also assist you in any way we can to help you retrieve your animal. And remember that the registration papers will follow the horse or pony forever. Your information as a previous owner will always be on the registration papers (important if a later owner has a question about the horse). You can also inquire about the horse at any time in the future.

  •  You leave a permanent record that your horse or pony was here (a recorded "marker" that it existed). So many of these wonderful creatures come into our lives, and then they are gone without ever leaving a trace. Don't let yours be one of them.

  •  There are many shows that allow only registered horses and ponies to compete. From halter class to endurance, Generic Horses can excel -- but without their papers they may never get a chance.

  •  You make your horse or pony eligible for HorseAid's exclusive "No Kill Covenant", and copyrighted "No Kill Brand" (part of the covenant is IGHA registration, otherwise we would have no means or authority to track the animal). This can be an important safeguard if you should ever decide to sell your horse or pony and want to insure (as much as is humanly possible) that the animal is never sold for slaughter.

  •  You help add your animal to the U.S. equine census. The more horses and ponies the USDA (and Congress) knows about, the bigger the political clout we horsepeople have. Also, your local government may well receive funds from the federal government based on the amount of equines in the state. We file a detailed report each year on our IGHA-registered horses, so make your horse count not only for yourself, but for all the horses who cannot be counted.

  •  And finally, you help the IGHA to not only speak for all the horses and ponies that up until the time we were founded had no "voice" (because they were not usually counted), you also help horses less privileged than your own through the IGHA funded HorseAid programme (as of October 1, 2003, 90% of all IGHA equine registration fees will go into the HorseAid program (including PMU research), the remaining 10% will go to IGHA/HorsePAC. That's 100% of all fees received going directly for equine beneficence programs).

  • So why delay? Register with the IGHA today!


    Generic Horse


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