I.G.H.A. Equine Registration and Fees

"Running Free"

The IGHA is a chartered equine registry, not a club. There are no annual registration charges or club dues. The following are our current registration fees as of 10/1/2003.

Beginning on October 1, 2003, 90% of all IGHA equine registration fees will go into the HorseAid program (including PMU research), the remaining 10% will go to IGHA/HorsePAC. That's 100% of all fees received going directly for equine beneficence programs!

• Schedule of Fees •

1. Basic registration fee (first horse/pony registered with the IGHA) ...$25.00

2. Any horse/pony registered thereafter (to same registrant) ...20.00

3. Colt or filly foals (if registered by 12/31 of year foaled) ...deduct -5.00

4. Breeding stallion (includes IGHA stallion report and reg.) ...add 15.00

5. Change of horse or pony's name (same registered owner)*...15.00

6. Change of horse or pony's name (upon transfer of ownership)*...5.00

7. Transfer of ownership (or as imprinted upon your certificate)*...15.00

8. Duplicate certificate (requires notarized statement of loss) ...15.00

9. Replacement certificate/as SAME (if soiled, damaged, etc.)*...10.00

10. Official status change(s) (requiring correction to certificate)*...15.00

11. Official status change(s) (not requiring correction to certificate) ...N/C

12. Two generation pedigree, incorporated onto certificate ...add +15.00

13. Special handling (certificate issued within 7 days) ...add +15.00

14. Rush/special handling (certificate issued within 24 hours) ...add +25.00

[Note: a "*" requires return of the ORIGINAL certificate to the IGHA]

SPECIAL · help a horse or pony, help yourself! · SPECIAL

Donate a gift in any of the following amounts (or more!) to the IGHA sponsored HorseAid programme at the time you register your horse or pony and receive a special low series registration number, as follows:

Donate to HorseAid (in the form of a gift)

$1000.00 (or more) / Receive: a 001000 to 001999 registration number

$500.00 (or more) / a 002000 to 004999 registration number

$250.00 (or more) / a 005000 to 009999 registration number

Although we cannot guarantee a specific set of numbers within a block, it never hurts to ask! We can also reserve any "open" numbers within these blocks for your future use, upon receipt of your gift (let us know what number combination/s you would like reserved, and if not available we will return your gift). This is a rare chance to have your certificate stamped with a "charter registrant" number series, plus having knowledge that with your help, HorseAid was able to save an equine from starvation, slaughter or worse! 100% of the above gift donations go directly toward the IGHA's HorseAid equine beneficence programs.

Registration is simple and one of the better bargains in the horse world today, so why delay!

IGHA · P.O. Box 6778 Eastview Station · San Pedro, CA 90734-6778 · 310.719.9094

Download the IGHA Rules Book (72K)

Download the IGHA Registration Application (25K)

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