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Is The BLM Looking for An "Easy Way Out" in Utah?

Source for some of the following article (by e-mail) courtesy of:
Ginger Kathrens (Wild Horse and Burro Freedom Alliance).

UTAH -- The BLM, under the direction of the state vet in Utah is in the early stages of bringing in over 500 wild horses to test them for EIA because 28 Native American owned horses on the Ute Reservation tested positive for EIA at the end of April. At a meeting with the Director of the BLM, Pat Shea, on April 23, the Wild Horse and Burro Freedom Alliance (WHBFA) was assured that no action would occur at the height of the foaling season, however, the BLM is still proceeding with the roundup.

Since the first 31 BLM wild horses tested negative to EIA last week, the WHBFA assumed that there would be an end to the BLM directed roundup action. On the contrary -- the BLM is still continuing with its planned roundup.

A number of humane organizations are protesting this action, including; the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Doris Day Animal League, the Fund for Animals, etc.The WHBFA is currently preparing a court challenge to put an end to this roundup by the BLM. HorseAid is joining in this action, and has made available one of its consulting veterinarians (an acknowledged expert in EIA transmission and quarantine protocol) to be used as an "expert witness" by the WHBFA in its action against the BLM.

Since Pat Shea is from Utah (and has indicated he would like to return there after his stint as the political appointed Director of the BLM), one can only wonder how much of the current wild horse "roundup" in Utah is really political, and how much of it truly "medicinal"?

Source for the following (by e-mail) courtesy of: Toni Moore from the Colorado Wild Horses and Burro Coalition:

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