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BLM Offers Reward for Wild Horse Killers

Nevada -- BLM Offers Reward for Wild Horse Killers The Arizona Republic carried an Associated Press story on May 20 (1998) about a $2,000 reward that the Bureau of Land Management is offering for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for the killing of BLM wild horses.

Since 1993, thirty-two wild horses have been found shot to death in Nevada. No arrests have been made. In addition, between May 1990 and June 1993, 68 wild horses and 18 burros were killed in Nevada during seven incidents. That makes a total of at least100 wild horses killed this decade in Nevada.

During 1987 and 1988, 660 horses were killed in rural areas of Nevada. Those cases remain open even though five people were arrested. A judge dismissed the cases partly because of lack of evidence.

Tom Pogacnik, chief of the BLM's Wild Horse and Burro National Program Office, said Nevada's wild horse population is estimated at 22,796 and its wild burro population at 687. Nationwide, there are 35,286 wild horses and 6,852 burros on public lands. That means Nevada's wild horses and burros, which total 23,483, account for more than half - 56 percent - of the 42,138 animals nationwide protected under the Wild Horse and Burro Act.

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