October 11, 1999

City Manager, City Attorney, Mayor

Chanute, Kansas

Fax: 316-431-5209


To whom it may concern:


We have just received a copy of a letter addressed to you by Donna Paris, representing the International Generic Horse Association/HorseAid, of Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

We are not aware in detail of the circumstances occasioning this letter. However, we are the leading independent newspaper covering animal protection worldwide, with emphasis on original investigative reporting pertaining to accountability issues--as you may readily verify by consulting our archives, online at >>http://www.animalpeoplenews.org<<.

We have no alignment or affiliation with any other entity.

We have, since1992, exposed many situations in which organizations purporting to help animals, internationally, nationally, and regionally, have failed to fully account for funds and animals entrusted to them.

Some of these situations, involving the American SPCA, Humane Society of the U.S., and International Society for Animal Rights, among others, have eventually resulted in the dismissal and/or prosecution of senior officers of the organizations, some of whom are now in jail; in a few instances, notably that of Love & Care for God's Animal Life, formerly of Andalusia, Alabama, corrupt organizations were disbanded by law enforcement.

From this perspective, involving hard investigation and taking hard knocks, we believe it is significant that no credible and substantiated allegation has ever come to our attention pertaining to IGHA/HorseAid, nor to any IGHA/HorseAid officers.

On the other hand, IGHA/HorseAid and its chief officers have often been involved--at their personal expense--in bringing corrupt and/or abusive persons to justice, and in seeing to it that the mistreated animals left behind were thereafter properly treated.

If you do have real evidence of misconduct on the part of IGHA/HorseAid and/or any officers thereof, please bring it to our attention, with any relevant documentation. As is our standard practice, we shall verify the authenticity of any and all documents and the credibility of the sources, and then, if misconduct has occurred, we shall thoroughly expose it.

If, on the other hand, what you have is just the usual barrage of unfounded rumor and innuendo which tends to be directed at the officers of any humane society by persons alleged to have abused animals after a legal confiscation and filing of charges, we shall look into the IGHA/HorseAid allegation that the City of Chanute may be failing to properly pursue an animal abuse case because officers of the city have allowed themselves to be influenced by unsubstantiated hearsay.

Appreciating your attention,

Merritt Clifton
Merritt Clifton, editor, ANIMAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE



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